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Protect Your Pack And Your Den  

Steps to Succesful Farm Succession Planning

This book is an entertaining parable that will utilize wolves to showcase the challenges and solutions of passing the farm on to the next generation. Families are often challenged with passing the farm on without sabotaging family relationships while maintaining the financial strength of the operation.


The book helps readers answer the following questions:

  • Who do I need on my team to get a solid generational farm plan in place?

  • What are some best practices for getting my husband/wife/parents/in-laws involved and how do I get them to move forward?

  • What are possible solutions to resolve the fair/ equal dilemma that many families face?

  • How do I avoid the pitfalls I see so many farm families face such as losing farmland to the nursing home or divorce, being forced to sell the farm through the transaction process, having to get a loan for land that the previous generation had paid off, or inheritance causing complete destruction of the farm and the family?

  • What is the first step of the process to get started?


This book will take these heavy topics and show that there are solutions that are proven to work as long as you take action.

Protect Your Pack & Your Den

Thank you for ordering Protect Your Pack and Your Den. Your books will arrive in about 10 days along with an invoice. Each book is $15 and there is no shipping fee.


Thank you for ordering Protect Your Pack and Your Den. Your book will arrive in about 10 days

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