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Heather Venenga

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Heather is a  Author, Speaker, Mom, Farm Wife, and Motivational Junkie.


She educates farm families who have the challenge of passing the farm on without sabotaging family relationships and maintaining the financial strength of the operation. She provides information that helps farm families get clear on strategies that maintain wealth, pass on the farm to future generations and keep family harmony. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders from South Dakota State University and a Master's in Management from Doane University.


Years ago Heather decided to jump off the corporate ladder and join her husband, Robert, as he moved home to take over the family farm as a fourth-generation farmer with their son, Gavin. She began a general financial practice in the beginning but quickly found out that she enjoyed the impact she could have by helping farm families sustain their family farm for future generations. Since then, she has helped hundreds of farm families through farm generational planning. Before Covid, she had offered live workshops. During COVID, Heather had to pivot to virtual workshops. As a result of in-person and virtual workshops, she can help even more families. To date, you can now find her on both virtual and live stages. One of Heather’s latest accomplishments is that she was featured in a three-part series in Stockman magazine. The Stockman magazine outlined key points that farm families need to take to keep the farm in the family.


She published her first book  Protect Your Pack and Your Den! in March of 2023.  It quickly grew to an Amazon Best Seller even before it was published.

Through all her work and education, she has identified the following three things as most critical for
successful generational farm planning:

  • If you do not have a plan, the government will have a plan for you. The farm operation decision-makers need to make the decisions.

  • There are deep dynamics in farming and ranching. Farm families want to have a strong business and a strong family in the end.

  • It is entirely possible to have a strong plan for the next generation that preserves family harmony and maintains operational financial strength; however, action by the decision-maker must be taken.


​Heather’s business experience, life experience, and strong understanding of farming and family communication make her the ideal person to guide and educate families through the generational farm planning process.

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